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Analytical Writing Section
What does It Include?

The analytical writing section is a direct measure of your ability to think logically and convey your ideas clearly. This section, also called the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), contains two writing assignments (essays), each allotted 30 minutes.

In the first writing assignment, you will be asked to analyze an issue. In the second, you will be asked to analyze a given logical argument. The issues and arguments in the GMAT exam deal with general topics related both to the business world and to other areas. The analytical writing section does not evaluate your knowledge in the given area, and your score will be based solely on your ability to write analytically, not on your familiarity with the subject.

Analyzing an issue: in this part, you must analyze a given issue and explain your position on it. Remember: there is no right or wrong answer, and you should always consider different perspectives. In your analysis of the issue, use relevant reasons or examples from your personal experience, observation, or reading in order to develop your position. This part evaluates your ability to study the complexity of an issue or opinion, and if relevant, to take a detailed position according to your understanding.

Analyzing an argument: in this part, you must analyze the logic underlying a given argument, and write a critique of that argument. Note that you are not asked to present your personal view on the matter.

In analyzing the argument, you should consider the following points:
1. What questionable assumptions underlie the argument?
2. What alternative explanations or contradicting examples could weaken the conclusion towards which the argument points?
3. What types of proof could help you to confirm or refute the argument?

This part measures your ability to form an appropriate, constructive critique of a conclusion based on a very specific line of thinking.

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