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Gmat Quantitative Section
What does It Include?

In the quantitative section of the GMAT exam, you will deal with two types of multiple-choice questions: Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency questions. The quantitative section measures your ability to reason quantitatively, solve quantitative problems, and read graph data. Both types of questions (Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency) appear alternately throughout the section. Both types of question require knowledge of math, basic algebra, and common geometry concepts.

Problem Solving questions: these questions are designed to measure basic mathematical skills, understanding of basic mathematical concepts, and the ability to reason quantitatively and solve quantitative problems.

Data Sufficiency questions: these questions are designed to measure the ability to analyze quantitative problems, identify which information is relevant, and decide at which point there is sufficient information for solving a problem. Data Sufficiency questions are composed of initial information and two statements, labeled 1 and 2. You must decide if the given statements provide sufficient information to allow you to answer the question.

In Data Sufficiency questions, you must choose one of the following answers:

A. Statement 1 alone is sufficient, but Statement 2 is not sufficient.
B. Statement 2 alone is sufficient, but Statement 1 is not sufficient.
C. Both statements together are sufficient, but neither one is sufficient by itself.
D. Each of the statements is sufficient by itself.E. Statements 1 and 2 together are not sufficient.

The quantitative section contains 37 multiple-choice questions, and you have 75 minutes to solve the entire section.

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