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Reporting GMAT scores
When and Where are the Scores Sent

The score report you receive will include all your GMAT scores of all the exams you took in the last 5 years. The report will also list the demographic information you gave at exam registration. Your digital photograph from the test center will be sent together with your score report to your chosen schools, should they ask for it. In addition, if you gave information at registration, including your telephone number, undergraduate institution, Grade Point Average, major, date of graduation, intended graduate studies, and the highest educational level you've attained - these will also be included in your score report, and will be listed as self-reported information.

When and where are the scores sent?
During GMAT registration, you will be asked if you wish to receive your exam scores online or by mail. Note that an Official Score Report will be sent to you only if you've written two essays in the Analytical Writing Assessment section, and answered all the questions in the quantitative and verbal sections.

Unofficial exam scores in the quantitative and verbal sections, as well as a total score, will appear immediately after the exam. Along with these, you will also receive an authorization number. If you choose to receive your Official Score Report online, you will receive an email, usually within 20 days after the exam, with a link to your Official Score Report. After clicking the link, you will be asked to enter the authorization number you got with the unofficial score report. You may then also download or print the Official Score Report, which also includes the AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment) score.

If you choose to receive the Official Score Report by mail, you will receive it within 20 days after the exam. Note that this may take more than 20 days due to varying delivery times. The programs to which you requested to send the score report will receive it within 20 days after the exam. If you request to send your scores to the various programs by ordering another score report, the programs will receive the scores within 7 days of the day your scores were reported. Remember - for most institutions, the scores are valid for 5 years of the exam date.

Required minimum scores
Most academic institutions do not publish a minimum admission score or statistics on applicant scores, but will mostly publish the average and median scores for the preceding year, in order to provide some indication. The average score in the world's top-ranking schools is normally around 700.

A last word of encouragement
Even if you were not lucky enough to gain an outstanding GMAT score, you can still be admitted to an MBA program if you present impressive work references, good undergraduate scores, and an impressive application, or if you meet other conditions.

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