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Important Tips Before Taking the GMAT Exam
Things You Should know

Use the exam time wisely. You can do this by become familiar in advance with the exam structure, the types of questions, the requirements, and the instructions for each section. From the moment the exam starts, the computer screen will show a clock counting down the time to the end of the exam. You can remove the clock display, but it is recommended that you occasionally check the remaining time in order to monitor your pace. The clock will alert you 5 minutes before the end of each section: if it is onscreen, it will turn yellow, and if you chose not to display it, it will reappear 5 minutes before the end.

Carefully read all the instructions, which explain precisely what is needed in each type of question. You can press the Help button to reread the instructions during the exam, but remember that the clock will continue counting down the allotted time for the section.

Read each question carefully and thoroughly. Understand what the question asks, and begin ruling out wrong answers. Do not gloss over the question or the distractors, as you may miss important information. If you do not know the correct answer, or if the question is taking too much of your time, try narrowing down the possibilities and eliminating the answers that are definitely wrong. Of the remaining answers, try to choose the one that seems most correct, and move on to the next question. Continue proceeding through the exam and try to complete every section. The best strategy is to work at a specific pace, so that you have enough time to think of every question and choose the most correct answer. You cannot skip questions, and randomly guessing answers towards the end of the exam can significantly d amage your score.

Once you choose an answer, you will be asked to confirm your choice. You must confirm your choice only if you are certain that you wish to move on to the next question. Remember: you cannot skip questions or go back and change your answers. The computer selects the subsequent question based on your previous answers.

Set a pace for yourself that will allow you to answer all the questions. Note the question number and the remaining time for each section. You have an average of 1¾ minutes for each verbal question, and 2 minutes for each quantitative question. If you do not finish in the allotted time, you will still receive points according to the time you devoted to each section. However, your score will reflect the number of questions answered, and will decrease for each unanswered question.

Your GMAT score depends on several characteristics of the questions presented to you, including their difficulty level, your answers, and the number of questions you answer. The weighting given to each question in an adaptive test depends on its difficulty level and other statistical characteristics, and not on its location in the exam.

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